16 Years Experience with 6 years focused in Multi-Family


We are proud to be an American Manufacturer of stone for commercial projects

Working with Blackbird, your stone will be brought in full slabs for production in our Owensboro, KY. manufacturing facility where we manufacture 24 hrs

a day, 6 days a week. This is in contrast to most granite suppliers who are typically brokers for Asian manufactured tops or who simply order "blanks" & trim them to fit using a subcontracted install crew.


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Every aspect of your order is handled in house by our team. We ship & deliver the ready-to-install countertops with our own delivery & loading crew with no on site storage needed. Every top arrives to your job on our transport racks, uniquely labeled & barcoded to identify its location on site.

No guesswork needed.


Our experienced team of installers can help guarantee the success of your project. Our crew can pack in & install a custom templated 24-unit building in 5 working days. Using our installers can help guarantee your countertops & sinks are set securely & your seams are tight.

Financials &
Risk Leveraging

We offer our customers the ability to contract, deposit & pay on a per building basis rather than on a full project if that is desired. Some customers have expressed to us that this greatly helps with their banking since they are not having to pull a large deposit for the whole project months in advance.


Before production, each unit will be field measured & laser templated when necessary to ensure a custom fit. This allows us to have fewer site cuts, better seams, quicker installation and less waste.

Production Leadtime

Aside from establishing contract documents & any other necessary paperwork, we can turn a building in as little as 2-3 weeks. Emergency situations can be addressed with turnover rates as low as 48 hours. 


Our quality control supervisor inspects all stone for color accuracy & defects to ensure only the highest quality is used on your project. Tops are inspected again after fabrication for accuracy & quality before being loaded onto shipping racks & on their way to you.


Over 100 projects installed from the Atlantic to the Rockies

Advanced Technology

Blackbird strives to offer the best of everything and that includes continually growing our plant to include the most advanced, cutting-edge technology available.

With our new addition of the Montresor Viva, we are able to make drop mitered edges more flawless than ever before. 


Transform Your Space

If you have an existing property & are interested in increasing your rental rates & staying on top of market trends, talk to us about replacing your counters with stone!


While the majority of our work is in large multifamily projects, we have also worked on several other large commercial projects such as hotels, banks, restaurants and hospitals. Click on any of the images below to take a take a closer look at some of our completed work, or for a list of some of our completed projects,

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